JD Extreme-Gard 80W-90 20L vetopyörästö-öljy 1005684

JD Extreme-Gard 80W-90 20L vetopyörästö-öljy

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Extreme-Gard is an extreme pressure tractor transmission oil designed for the effective lubrication of mechanical transmissions and gearboxes in John Deere agricultural and groundscare machinery.

3,95€ / litre


-Final reduction drives
-Differential units
-Manual gearboxes
-Hypoid axles

Key advantages:
-Extended mechanical component life due to the excellent anti-wear properties and extreme pressure performance.
-Adapted to all types of operating conditions including high speed/shock loading, high speed/low torque, low speed/high torque and abrupt variations in loading
-High resistance to oxidation and high thermal stability.
-Enhanced component cleanliness over extended periods (due to lower deposit formation) assures effective, reliable operation of the lubricant for extended periods in adverse operating conditions.